My Top Holdings as of 30th Nov 2016

I have been very careful with every shares I buy or sell, however you can't control everything in financial markets because we are dealing with unknown. so, what is known and what can be controlled is 'RISK PER TRADE'. After spending sometime on risk, I decided to close the below trades, The current open positions [...]

Dow Records High 19000

  Well, more than 80% people were short selling US stock in the last 2 month (as most ordinary people did wrongly and hence they suffering now). I was buying before US election and in fact earlier this month I had 26 Long trades and 5 shorts as an emergency. Most of my trades are [...]

My Top Holdings as of 10th Nov 2016

The current Long and Short trades given below: Total: 23 long trades and 3 short trades I have closed 2 long trades and 2 short trades today. Details given below, Long trades: Glencore PLC Dow Jones Industrial Average - Wallstreet Remarks: The above long trades are still on the bullish side, however I was hit [...]

My Top Holdings as of 6th Nov 2016

  The Long Trades (Buy) 1. American Capital Ltd 2. Aspen Technology Inc 3. Avon Products Inc 4. Baxter International Inc 5. Caterpillar Inc 6. Corcept Therapeutics Inc 7. Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC 8. Dow Jones Industrial Average 9. Glencore PLC,Mining 10. Goldman Sachs Group Inc 11. Hasbro Inc,Travel & Leisure 12. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company [...]

Buy stocks and do not short

The biggest news for this year 2016 is US Election (tuesday, november 8, 2016). The fact is: it doesn't matter who wins - the market will rise. So its the time to buy stocks. If you have already bought stocks then just wait and sit there. A lot of people have gone shorting US stocks now. [...]

Multi-Millionaire by 2020

“If you were born poor, it is not your mistake. If you die poor, it is.” – Bill Gates              

Biggest key in Stock Trading

The biggest key in making money from stock trading is understanding the human mind/psychology. Until you understand human behavior it is not possible to make money in the stock markets. The human behavior (psychology) is what drives the world stock markets and so you need to know some basics about how humans think and act. This is [...]

Catch At Young – Teach Your Child About Investing

While it may be late for some of us, but it may not be the case for our children. As a parent, you should teach your children about investing because schools don't teach about money. And in college investment is the "Missing Semester". So, If you start an investment program early enough, especially for your [...]

How to make millions with small amount

I want to tell you a little story to illustrate how to make millions with small amount of capital. One Grain of Rice  Long ago, there lived a king who believed he was wise and fair, as a king should be. The people in his province were rice farmers. The king decreed that everyone must give nearly all [...]