About Me

The earnings (trading statements) often blur the truth about how much time and effort was actually put into my stock market business before I ever made a single penny.

My name is Sri Anand (@ Vicky) and in 2013 I started up this website www.muruhaa.com

I shows you how to trade the markets using a simple proven strategy that takes less than 15 minutes a day to use which I learned from the Vince Stanzione.

Please note: I am by no way affiliated to Mr. Vince Stanzione or IG index.

My Story

My education is as a Software Engineer. I worked for an IT company in my home country for years before deciding I wanted more. The money was good but I felt I could do better, and I had always wanted to leave the country, travel overseas and earn big money. I started my journey in 2008, when I got my Tier 1 visa to work in the UK. I resigned my job as a Software Developer at TCS Company, Chennai, India and made the move to the United Kingdom. TCS offered me an onsite opportunity in Singapore but my mind was made up and I was UK bound.

Fast-forward to Manchester, England in 2008, and I had my first job working for “thehut.com,” with a salary of £22,000. and from there on to London at a company called “Redwood Groups,” within two months. Things were going well, but I wanted to make more money and become a millionaire by 27.

What came after that is a wild ride of money-making and money loss, involving hard-earned cash being gambled away. I lost thousands on financial markets and reached the point where I was borrowing heavily.

2009 came and went, people were losing jobs, and the recession was deepening. I had a good job but I was broke. I’d return to India and recover, then return to the UK and make good money again, only to lose it on the stock market but I was learning.

Show me someone that has achieved success in anything in life without some hardships along the way? The lessons were hard but I never backed down from opportunities, learning invaluable financial markets experiences and as well as life lessons, which I have used to invest wisely in profitable financial stock market.

My Company Bio

Everest Park Ltd in London, Registered No.07271803,  2010 – present, I run my own firm and help people to trade the markets using a simple proven strategy.


I created this website (or blog) because to guide you and help you make more money investing in financial stock markets where I would give away all of the information I learned through experience and from Vince Stanzione (UK’s Multi-Millionaire). I can tell you that the ones that have mastered trading are extremely wealthy. If I can help people learn one thing that will help them in their life, the several months I have spent creating this investing course will have been totally worth it.

I thank you for taking the time to read this. Here’s to you and your continued success!

Sri Anand (@Vicky)