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If you would like to make money (£1,000, £3,000. £5,000+ every month) by trading and investing in financial markets then this website will show you how you can learn and trade with me as I trade my personal trading account.

Important: Over the last 7 years I learned my trading and investing from the multi-millionaire Vince Stanzione. This has all been well documented.

Take a look at few of my accounts (its real money…not a virtual account),

IG Index Account statement.


OptionsXpress Account statement,


By the way, you don’t have to be based in the UK to do this(I am not) and although I have stated my earnings in pounds, you can easily be earning the same in us$, euros or any major currency.

Before I go further let me tell you that my trading techniques are not a way to get rich quick. I think it’s very important to tell you that I myself am NOT some financial guru … far from it actually.

The bottom line is: I don’t take any sponsorship, you pay a fee and get real information. I am by no way affiliated to Mr. Vince Stanzione or bookmakers(IG index).

So, what kind of trading strategies am I talking about?

Well obviously I can give you a quick “overview” of the Basics and Advanced trading strategies I have been using.

And that is…


    • How to know for sure whether to Buy, Sell , Hold any  stocks, currency or commodity.
    • Highly secretive hedge fund trading strategies – Trading System 1 and Trading System 2
    • How to filter out winning stocks in a minute
    • The mind, money, method of successful trading 
    • How to manage your trading capital – The money management – key to survival
    • The foundations to being a successful trader/investor
    • How to use sharescope software and other websites to get maximum results
    • The psychological rules that lead to winning
    • How I manage the emotions of trading – Psychology


Most traders only rely on one or two types of trading strategies (and take a serious financial loss when the markets goes against them) – YOU will know how to trade on a multiple number of markets in a multiple number of trading strategies. And so when one market goes against you… you “switch quickly” to another market or another trading strategies… and always make money…

This is what the “Advanced Trading Strategies” is all about – having multiple strategies.

It makes sense, right? so you will be learning…

  • How to trade US shares, UK shares, European shares And how to profit from both UP and DOWN markets.
  • How to trade Commodities – such as gold, oil, gas, platinum, copper, coffee and sugar etc.
  • How to know what Goldman Sachs are really buying and selling by using government data.
  • How to track the holdings of hedge fund industry and how to profit by following their trades.
  • How to make money from the currency markets (Forex).
  • How to “piggy-back” on the ultra-secretive trades of the MULTI-BILLION POUND hedge fund managers.
  • What my years study into investors and financial spread betting revealed and how you can profit from it.
  • Why keeping all your wealth in Pounds, Euros or Dollars is a disaster and which currencies to hold.
  • Which are the safest banks and brokers to deal with (many of the well-known names are not on this list )
  • The sector that are going to boom.
  • I will explain the markets that are ready for a fall.
  • How to make money from Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • How to beat 95% of the Wall Street experts.
  • How to make a money from metals like platinum, palladium etc.
  • How to make money from US Listed small cap companies – which don’t track with S&P500.
  • The long term trend system to teach your children.
  • How to make money from the crowd being wrong- The New Sentiment Indicator
  • How do you profit and survive a devaluation.
  • Assets that will survive the collapse (preparing for the worst) alternative currencies
  • 130/30 in an ETF strategies
  • What hedge funds are trading
  • How banks make money and how you can copy the strategies.
  • Seasonality trading guide.
  • Global Presence stocks with strong cash flow.
  • Global investing opportunities and risk management.
  • The secret to becoming multi-millionaire.
  • Seasonality Trading covering all 12 calendar months (January to December Months)

Plus a whole lot more!  Because I want you to have every opportunity to succeed. So, If you want to “join” – you have got to act fast.

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